2015 Theme: The Force Ignited

          After the destruction of the Death Star II and the formal collapse of the Galactic Empire, more and more Force Sensitive individuals surfaced.  Hoping to meet the legendary heroes of the Rebel Alliance, a young Jedi named Hadron Hastor is heading back to his home planet to prep for his upcoming initiation.  In order to make the trip, he has convinced expert pilot and engineer, Roc Arrun, to fly him home.  Unfortunately for the two unlikely allies, numerous asteroids struck their ship near the wooded planet known as Nobe-yin. Their ship crashed landed and was seen by the native population as well as a stranded platoon of Imperial Soldiers. Led by the devious Grand Moff Kurr, the troops have been keeping their presence a secret from the natives ever since the Imperial breakdown.  Because of such secrecy, their supplies and tech are running low and the need to escape grows more pressing by the day.  Grand Moff Kurr hopes to capture both the recently crashed ship and its occupants.

          Once he captures the ships and its occupants, he plans to use the parts to repair his troop transport and keep our heroes as hostages for leverage against the Alliance.  In order for Hadron and Roc Arrun, along with their trusty maintenance droid, SP-1927, to leave the planet and escape the Imperial Soldiers, they need to find a new hyperdrive unit.  In addition, Hadron Hastor’s lightsaber was damaged beyond repair in the crash.  He will need the help of the natives to find an ancient Jedi temple said to hold the lightsaber once used by the first Jedi to harness the Force.  Throughout the week, the natives will help our heroes to tangle with the Grand Moff and his forces, celebrate with the anniversary of the victory of the Alliance, escape cunning traps, and even fend off an Imperial ambush.  The week will conclude with our newly confident Jedi leaving Nobe-yin on a repaired ship, ready to blast to to the next adventure.