Preparing for Check-In

Check-in begins at 1:00pm on Sunday. When you drive into camp, one of our staff members, your campsite host, will be waiting for you at the end of the camp road. They will direct you to your campsite, and help you manage the check-in process throughout the day. Here are some tips for a smooth check-in:

  • Have all of your paperwork ready. Your host will ask you for all of the BSA medical forms, and check for completeness. He will then direct you to the camp office to check in with the camp director. Please bring an updated troop roster and any necessary financial information to the camp office as soon as possible after arrival. 
  • Arrive after 1:00pm. The road can become very crowded at 1:00pm, when camp opens. To avoid traffic jams, consider planning to arrive slightly later, at 1:30 or 2:00pm. There is plenty of time to check-in. Please do not arrive prior to 1:00pm, as our staff is not on duty.

Proof of BSA Registration Requirement for All Adults in Camp

State of New Jersey regulations require that all adults present at summer camp be registered with the Boy Scouts of America. No adult may stay in camp, other than during check-in and check-out, without proof of registration. The State regulations permit no exceptions.

Proof of registration can come in two forms: 

  • Troop charter with adult names listed
  • Photocopies of BSA registration cards

Camp Policies

Cell Phones are not allowed to be used in and around camp. Leaders may use them with discretion in their campsites and the parking lot, scouts may not have them! No exceptions.

Leader’s Count: To allow more scouts to attend camp, we cap the number of leaders allowed for each troop are based on the number of your scouts attending. For a full list, please see the Leader's Guide.