Cooking Merit Badge Update!


In an effort to meet the spirit and letter of the new requirements, we have changed how we are doing the pre-requisities for this badge (THIS IS A CHANGE FROM THE LEADERS GUIDE).  Based on your feedback on having to trek to camp for a counselor discussion (and in an effort to make it easier on you and your parents) we have come up with a phone option that will satisfy the requirements. 


Scouts should complete the attached menu planning document and email it to marc [at] by June 15th.  We don’t have the most reliable internet up at Camp, so the 15th is the last day we will reliably get it – don’t delay!)

Scouts will provide a phone number and a preference for a time for a phone conference. On June 17th - one of our Scoutcraft staff members will call to discuss the proposed meals and give the Scouts the go ahead to cook the meals, or will suggest improvements to meet the requirements.

In order to earn the badge during their week at camp, scouts need to complete this conference call and the cooking in advance.  They will bring pictures of the meals when they come to camp.

Cooking Form

Cooking Information