NoBeBoSco Mourns the Passing of John J. Hughes

All of our thoughts and prayers go out to the family of John J. Hughes, who passed away earlier this week. John was a dedicated, lifelong scouter who made countless contributions to NoBeBoSco over decades. 

His obituary:

JOHN J. HUGHES John J. Hughes, 71; passed away peacefully on Thursday, October 19, 2017 at Hackensack University Medical Center, surrounded by his loving family. John was born in Jersey City, and has been a lifelong Bayonne resident.

He is a graduate of St. Peter's Prep, University of Notre Dame, and Seton Hall Law School. He worked for the Law Department-City of Bayonne 1967-1970, Clerk-Superior Court Appellate Division 1970-1972, Assistant Prosecutor-Hudson County 1972-1974, Special Deputy-Attorney General 1974, Public Defender-City of Bayonne and Private Law Practice-Hughes & Finnerty. Member of the Bar-State of New Jersey 1970, Member of the Bar-United States District Court 1970, Former Trustee-Hudson County Bar Association, Former Member-Hudson County Ethics Committee. Eagle Scout 1961, Scoutmaster-Troop #25 1970-2017, Member of Executive Board-Northern New Jersey Council, BSA, President- Bayonne Council, BSA 1983-1989, Commissioner-Northern New Jersey Council, BSA 1999-2004, Northern New Jersey Council, Distinguished Citizen Award, 2004

We will miss him. 


Longtime NoBe Staff Member Devin Foster Joins Pro Ultimate Frisbee Team

NoBeBoSco staff member Devin Foster has joined the Philadelphia Phoenix, a pro ultimate frisbee team in American Ultimate Disc League.


Foster is studying Geology and Education at West Chester University and is captain of the Ultimate Club team and vice president on the Board of Sports Club council. Foster is passionate about the game and attributes his introduction to Disc at Camp Nobebosco Boy Scout camp in Blairstown as instrumental in his development. Foster works at the camp during the summer as Nature and Assistant Program director and introduces many young scouts to the sport.
"Ultimate is the most exciting sport out there, a game like no other," Foster said. "I'm thrilled to be a part of Ultimate. I want to showcase the game at the highest level, create a great fan following, and hopefully inspire others to play."

Go Phoenix!

FAQ's from the Leaders' Meeting

Leaders Meeting Notes – 2016


·      Camp set up is underway with good progress.

·      The county has been in to spray for mosquitos, but they are still present.

·      There will be a new monkey bridge going across the lake!  Open in the afternoon!

·      Theme – Get your eye patches ready! Pirates of the Kittatinny!

·      FCA – changes to the program to reflect the new requirements

                o   We are working off the idea that most new Scouts will have completed SCOUT, so        

                     the requirements focus on Tenderfoot, Second and First Class.

·      What do you do if a Scout can’t eat the food served?

o   We have the alternative menu – if there needs to be anything different then that, we have 2 fridges, and 2 microwaves to store / prepare food supplied by the Scout.

·      What is the status of the bear population?

o   The local bears have not been in camp proper as of now – they will hopefully stay away – please be vigilante about bringing food into your site though!

·      Any age restrictions on the shooting badges?

o   Nope – but be mindful of the physical size / capabilities of the Scout.

·      What adult training’s are available?

o   Safety Afloat, Safe Swim Defense, Leave No Trace, Climb On Safely

·      How are medicine distributed to Scouts?

o   Medications will be collected by the Health Officer at Check-In.  They will be logged, placed in a locked container and returned to a troop leader.  That leader will distribute them to the Scouts over the course of the week.  At the end of the week, the box will be returned back to the Health Office with the record of administration. Refrigerated medicines will be kept and distributed from the Health Lodge.

·      Do you do pre-sign ups for merit badges?

o   We don’t do pre-sign ups for merit badges, Scouts just need to show up at the right time and place.

·      Do adults need to be registered / on the charter?

o   Yes!  Any adult staying in camp needs to be on the charter and registered with the BSA.

·      How do Scouts sign up for FCA / Merit Badges?

o   To sign up for FCA and Merit Badges, Scouts just need to show up at the right time in the right place.  For a merit badge they should have a signed blue card.

·      Can we take our swim test in advance?

o   Since we are a dark lake, swim tests must be done at camp in the lake.

·      What day / time is Horsemanship?

o   The badge will be just Wednesday morning.

·      Can Scouts take other merit badges while doing horsemanship the rest of the week then?

o   Yes – just be sure to discuss it with the counselor that you wont be there Wednesday.

·      Why do Trail to Eagle pre-requisites need to be typed?

o   In order to ensure they are done at the proper level before coming to camp, we want to make sure they are completed at home.

·      Do all pre-requisites need to be typed?

o   No, but we do want to make sure they are completed at the proper level.

·      If there are leaders switching during the week, how do they do that?

o   Leaders should check in and out at the camp office.  Once they are in camp, they can participate in all programs – swim tests, boating, activities etc

·      When should Leaders take their swim tests?

o   Leader can take their swim tests on Sunday during check in.  There will also be a leaders meeting on Monday at the Waterfront.  It may be less hectic to take it then.

·      If we have special skills for a service project – how can we sign up for that and know what to bring?

o   Email the week before coming to camp and we will try to work out a good project.

2015 Theme: The Force Ignited

          After the destruction of the Death Star II and the formal collapse of the Galactic Empire, more and more Force Sensitive individuals surfaced.  Hoping to meet the legendary heroes of the Rebel Alliance, a young Jedi named Hadron Hastor is heading back to his home planet to prep for his upcoming initiation.  In order to make the trip, he has convinced expert pilot and engineer, Roc Arrun, to fly him home.  Unfortunately for the two unlikely allies, numerous asteroids struck their ship near the wooded planet known as Nobe-yin. Their ship crashed landed and was seen by the native population as well as a stranded platoon of Imperial Soldiers. Led by the devious Grand Moff Kurr, the troops have been keeping their presence a secret from the natives ever since the Imperial breakdown.  Because of such secrecy, their supplies and tech are running low and the need to escape grows more pressing by the day.  Grand Moff Kurr hopes to capture both the recently crashed ship and its occupants.

          Once he captures the ships and its occupants, he plans to use the parts to repair his troop transport and keep our heroes as hostages for leverage against the Alliance.  In order for Hadron and Roc Arrun, along with their trusty maintenance droid, SP-1927, to leave the planet and escape the Imperial Soldiers, they need to find a new hyperdrive unit.  In addition, Hadron Hastor’s lightsaber was damaged beyond repair in the crash.  He will need the help of the natives to find an ancient Jedi temple said to hold the lightsaber once used by the first Jedi to harness the Force.  Throughout the week, the natives will help our heroes to tangle with the Grand Moff and his forces, celebrate with the anniversary of the victory of the Alliance, escape cunning traps, and even fend off an Imperial ambush.  The week will conclude with our newly confident Jedi leaving Nobe-yin on a repaired ship, ready to blast to to the next adventure.